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TED演讲:我们都患上了“选择焦虑症”!不应该在个人选择上纠结 【 播放不了点此报错 】


减肥属于以减少人体过度的脂肪、体抄重为目的的行为方式。是指某类体重超标的肥胖人 群用各种 方法 如:跳舞、瑜伽等,变回曲线体型。设法纠正肥胖者异常反 应造成的不当行为,即用行为科学分析肥胖者摄食行为的特征和运动类型,以此为基础,合理修正导致肥胖的行动。肥胖的根本原因是能 量摄入超过能量消耗。热量来源于摄入食物中bai的供能物质:蛋白质 (4kcal/g),脂肪(9kcal/g),碳水化合物(4kcal/g),热量消耗主要由三方面:基础代谢,身体活动和食物热效应。减肥的中心 在于 使热 量达到du 负平衡(热量摄入量小于热量消耗量)。基础代谢的高低主要与人体的营养状况和饮食习惯有关,因此过午不食实质上是一 种非常有害的减肥方法。身体活动量与运zhi动量并非一个概念,科学研究表 明,大强度运动不利于减肥。食物热效应一般为2~3小时,这是很多的减肥专家所说,少食多餐有益减肥的理论依据。所有减dao肥方法 均是直接或间接围绕热量为中心,有效指标为减少热量,健康指标为保护基础代谢 ,持续指标为食欲控制中的饱腹感和满足感。本回答被网友采纳www.aiyanqing.com防采集请勿采集本网。



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What are you doing on this stage in front of all these people?Run now.


That's the voice of my anxiety talking. Even when there's absolutely nothing wrong, I sometimes get this overwhelming sense of doom, like danger is lurking just around the corner.


You see, a few years ago, I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety and depression -- two conditions that often go hand in hand. Now, there was a time I wouldn't have told anybody, especially not in front of a big audience. As a black woman, I've had to develop extraordinary resilience to succeed.

几年前,我被诊断出患有焦虑症,和抑郁症——这两种疾病经常会同时发生。这段经历我本不愿跟任何人分享,尤其是当着这么多人的面。作为一名黑人女性, 我必须有极强的适应能力才能取得成功。

And like most people in my community, I had the misconception that depression was a sign of weakness, a character flaw. But I wasn't weak; I was a high achiever. I'd earned a Master's degree in Media Studies and had a string of high-profile jobs in the film and television industries.


I'd even won two Emmy Awards for my hard work. Sure, I was totally spent, I lacked interest in things I used to enjoy, barely ate, struggled with insomnia and felt isolated and depleted. But depressed? No, not me.


It took weeks before I could admit it, but the doctor was right: I was depressed. Still, I didn't tell anybody about my diagnosis. I was too ashamed. I didn't think I had the right to be depressed. I had a privileged life with a loving family and a successful career.

过了好几周我才承认,医生是对的,我的确抑郁了。但我仍然没有告诉任何人。我觉得羞愧难当。我从没想过我也有抑郁的权利。我生活条件优越, 家庭幸福,事业有成。

And when I thought about the unspeakable horrors that my ancestors had been through in this country so that I could have it better, my shame grew even deeper. I was standing on their shoulders. How could I let them down? I would hold my head up, put a smile on my face and never tell a soul.


On July 4, 2013, my world came crashing in on me. That was the day I got a phone call from my mom telling me that my 22-year-old nephew, Paul, had ended his life, after years of battling depression and anxiety. There are no words that can describe the devastation I felt.


Paul and I were very close, but I had no idea he was in so much pain. Neither one of us had ever talked to the other about our struggles. The shame and stigma kept us both silent.


Now, my way of dealing with adversity is to face it head on, so I spent the next two years researching depression and anxiety, and what I found was mind-blowing. The World Health Organization reports that depression is the leading cause of sickness and disability in the world.


While the exact cause of depression isn't clear, research suggests that most mental disorders develop, at least in part, because of a chemical imbalance in the brain, and/or an underlying genetic predisposition. So you can't just shake it off.


For black Americans, stressors like racism and socioeconomic disparities put them at a 20 percent greater risk of developing a mental disorder, yet they seek mental health services at about half the rate of white Americans. One reason is the stigma, with 63 percent of black Americans mistaking depression for a weakness. Sadly, the suicide rate among black children has doubled in the past 20 years.

对于美国黑人而言,来自种族歧视和社会经济差异上的压力使他们患上心理疾病的几率要高20%,然而他们寻求心理治疗的比例仅仅达到美国白人的一半左右。原因之一就是感到羞耻,有63%的美国黑人将抑郁症误认为是软弱的表现。令人悲伤的是,黑人儿童的自杀率 在过去20年里增加了一倍。

Now, here's the good news: seventy percent of people struggling with depression will improve with therapy, treatment and medication. Armed with this information, I made a decision: I wasn't going to be silent anymore. With my family's blessing, I would share our story in hopes of sparking a national conversation.


A friend, Kelly Pierre-Louis, said, "Being strong is killing us." She's right. We have got to retire those tired, old narratives of the strong black woman and the super-masculine black man, who, no matter how many times they get knocked down, just shake it off and soldier on.

我的一个朋友,凯丽·皮埃尔-露易丝说, “逞强在毁掉我们。” 她说的没错。我们要摈弃那些老旧过时的叙述,比如坚强的黑人女性,无比阳刚的黑人男性,他们无论被击倒多少次,都会爬起来,拍拍灰,继续前进。

Having feelings isn't a sign of weakness. Feelings mean we're human. And when we deny our humanity, it leaves us feeling empty inside, searching for ways to self-medicate in order to fill the void. My drug was high achievement.


These days, I share my story openly, and I ask others to share theirs, too. I believe that's what it takes to help people who may be suffering in silence to know that they are not alone and to know that with help, they can heal. Now, I still have my struggles, particularly with the anxiety, but I'm able to manage it through daily mediation, yoga and a relatively healthy diet.

这些天来,我公开分享自己的故事,我也鼓励大家分享自己的。我坚信必须这么做才能帮助那些在沉默中忍受痛苦的人们让他们知道自己并不孤独,让他们相信自己需要帮助,是可以被治愈的。现在我依然在遭受痛苦,主要还是焦虑症,但我可以控制它,通过每天服药,练瑜伽 以及“相对健康的”饮食。

If I feel like things are starting to spiral, I make an appointment to see my therapist, a dynamic black woman named Dawn Armstrong, who has a great sense of humor and a familiarity that I find comforting. I will always regret that I couldn't be there for my nephew. But my sincerest hope is that I can inspire others with the lesson that I've learned.

一旦我感觉自己状态不好了,我就会约我的治疗师见面,她是一位充满活力的黑人女性叫道恩·阿姆斯特朗,她很幽默,很亲切,让我感到安心。我一直非常后悔 没有能为我侄子做些什么。但我真诚地希望 能让大家吸取我的教训。

Life is beautiful. Sometimes it's messy, and it's always unpredictable. But it will all be OK when you have your support system to help you through it. I hope that if your burden gets too heavy, you'll ask for a hand, too.Thank you.