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1. Water fowls sing along the delta. A fair lady is the approriate spouse for a gentleman.2. I left home when willow tresses were waving in the wind. I came back showerd in sleet.3. The one who gets me know that i'm feeling blue, the one who doesn't asks what on earth i want.4. A gentleman needs to upgrade his knowledge and to moderate his temper just as a jades need to be carved.5. The one day that i didn't see you felt like three seasons to me.6. I'll always remember the green clothes that you wear by my heart.7. The one that i longed for was just standing across the river.8. She has a beautiful smile and her eyes are pretty.9. Her hands are soft and she has a light complexion.10. If a person couldn't live with his courtesy, he might as well just die.11. One should always keep an open ear to others ,though their criticisms may not be right sometimes.12. The great moral standard (of Confucius) needs to be admired, and we should all follow his preaching to behave ourselves.13. I can figure out what others are up to.14. Hills turn into valleys, and valleys turn into hills. ( Time can change everything. )15. A jade can be carved by a stone from the other hill.16. Everything has a start, but not all of them have an ending. ( Fine start and poor finish. )17. I paid him with plums for the peaches he gave me. -----------------------------------------------先看看这样行不行,如果需要修改可以告诉我www.aiyanqing.com防采集请勿采集本网。








Meng Jiao

(Tang, 751—814)

The wandering Son's Song

The thread from my dear mother's hand

Was sewn in the clothes of her wandering son.

For fear of my belated return,

Before my leave they were closely woven.

Who says mine heart like a blade of grass

Could repay her love's gentle beams of spring sun?

小伙伴们,got it?Your knowledge,my pleasure!



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